2.5% has never been so easy!

  • Commission is a referral fee.

  • Agents, register all buyers (prior to buyer's first contact with anyone in our organization) with listing agent by email at Please send email with name and city of residence and email address of buyer.

  • The agent only has to be a California licensee. It's not required to be a member of the local Association of Realtors.

  • Buyers will need to show proof of funds to close, or get pre-approved with our preferred lender Ben Payne, ( before being able to enter into contract. They can use whomever they wish for the final loan.

  • Any referrals will be applicable to future homes in the development.

  • The neighborhood has 48 homes, so we have many more to go! See for all available homes.


Please be sure to email register your clients BEFORE you tell them about our neighborhood, so there's no doubt about your referral, and so you get the fee you've earned!