Warm Floors, Cozy Feet, Fatter Wallets


When you think about living comfortably in your home, what comes to mind? Open flowing floor plan? Numerous large windows? High voluminous ceilings ? Maybe a spacious kitchen with plenty of counter space? One of the great features of every Green Park home that adds to this vision of comfortable living is its highly efficient home radiant floor heating system.

When you walk into a Green Park home, you will instantly feel a sense of warmth and welcome. Radiant floor heating creates this environment by conducting heat through the floor of the home.


Before the concrete floors are poured and stained, specialized tubing is laid in the foundation. Heated water is then run through the tubing (Heated by our on-demand 95% efficient water heater!) which in turn heats the concrete. This is not merely a luxury to be able to walk around your home with warm floors, but is also much more efficient than standard forced air systems; A hot water radiant floor can be up to 30% more energy efficient than forced air which saves you money!


Essentially, a radiant floor eliminates the waste of hot air that naturally collects near the ceilings.This is important for Green Park homes, since most homes have 14 ft. high great rooms that would otherwise be tricky to warm up.

Radiant floors also reduce the presence of dust and allergens creating a much healthier home environment, especially for those with respiratory conditions. Truly there is nothing that compares to the natural warmth and efficiency of radiant floor heating.

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