Green Materials

Our green methods create a mindset for all those involved with the community that is emphasized by the materials used in the creation of each unique home.

We start by using radiant barrier plywood to construct the framing of the home. The radiant barrier reduces heat that is transferred from the roof to the interior surfaces of the home.


Next we insulate the homes with recycled cellulose R-13 in the exterior walls and R-30 in the attic. A higher r-value generally correlates to more efficient regulation of temperature in the home which leads to reduced energy bills. Recycled cellulose insulation is derived from newspaper and other paper products and is considered the insulation method with the highest percentage of post-consumer waste content.

To aid the home’s insulating process, Milgard double-pane, heat resistant (low-E), vinyl framed windows and doors are an energy efficient way to regulate air flow and heat transfer both within and outside the home.


Instead of using tile, hardwood or carpet floors, the homes are laid with beautiful stained concrete. Concrete has the ability to absorb and then slowly release heat and coolness. This is another way that the home self-regulates its internal temperature and therefore mitigates the need for additional heat or air conditioning.


Lastly, all water fixtures are water saving devices.